P R O V I N C I A L L E G I S L A T I O N ( A M E N D M E N T )
The Safe Schools Charter (Various Acts Amended) (the former Bill 30)


The Safe Schools Charter received Royal Assent on June 10, 2004, and the supporting regulation (MR 77/2005) was approved on May 31, 2005. The Safe Schools Charter amended both The Public Schools Act and The Education Administration Act. The charter includes requirements that each school board

41(1)(b.1) ensure that each pupil in Manitoba is provided with a safe and caring
school environment that fosters and maintains respectful and responsible


41(1)(b.2) establish policies respecting the appropriate use of electronic mail and the
and requires each principal, in consultation with the school’s advisory committee, to
47.1(1.a) establish a code of conduct for pupils and staff and an emergency response
plan for the school; and
47.1(1.b) review that code of conduct and emergency response plan at least annually
The text of The Safe Schools Charter is provided on the following pages.

For Further Information

The Safe Schools Charter is available online at:

A Whole-School Approach to Safety and Belonging: Preventing Violence and Bullying
promotes a positive approach to safety and belonging and uses a seven-step process to
address issues related to violence, bullying, intimidation, and harassment by promoting
a safe school climate.